Dear Ms Eubanks. How much business do you lose when your telephone rings and you are not there to answer it? All this convenience and peace of mind can be yours, Ms Eubanks, for less than 90 cents a day.

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Международная школа бизнеса
Верстка Сергея Газаряна
Деловая корреспонденция (
Unit 6
Writing proposals is a long
standing business practice. How can you comment on
its origin
and purposes?
What is, in your opinion, the audience of the writers of proposals? Try to give a definition.
What issues do you think it necessary to cover in your proposal? Make up a general plan for
writing a successful proposal. Compare yo
ur plan with those made by your group
A proposal is a detailed plan of action that a writer submits to a reader or a group of readers for
approval. These readers are usually in a position of authority
supervisors, managers, depart
to endorse or reject the writer's plan. Therefore proposals must be highly persuasive to
succeed. Without your audience's approval, your plan will never go into effect, however accurate
and important you think it is.
Competition is fierce in
the world at work, and a persuasive proposal frequently determines which
company receives a contract.
Follow these guidelines and they will help you to persuade your audience to approve your plan.
Approach writing a proposal as a problem
solving ac
. Your goal is to solve a problem
that affects the reader. Do not lose sight of the problem as you plan and write your proposal.
Everything in your proposal should relate to the problem, and the organization of your proposal
should reflect your abili
ty as a problem
solver. Psychologically, make the reader feel confident that
you can solve the problem.
Regard your audience as skeptical readers
. Even though you offer a plan that you think will
benefit readers, do not be overconfident that they will
automatically accept it as the best and only
way to proceed. To determine the feasibility of your plan, readers will question everything you say.
They will withhold their approval if your proposal contains errors, omissions, or inconsistencies.
ly, try to examine your proposal from the reader's point of view.
Research your proposal carefully
. A winning proposal is not based only on a few well
meaning, general suggestions. All your good intentions and enthusiasm will not substitute for the
Be sure that your proposal is financially realistic
. This point is closely associated to an
follows from guideline 4. Do not submit a proposal that would require an unnecessary large amount
of money to implement. For example, it would be unrealistic to recommend that your company
spend $20,000 to solve a $2,000 problem that might not ever occur
Package your proposal attractively
. Make sure your proposal is letter
perfect, inviting, and
easy to read (for example, use plenty of headings and other visual devices). Remember that readers,
especially those unfamiliar with your work, will evaluat
e your proposal as evidence of the type of
work you want to do for them.
A sales proposal the purpose of which is to sell your company's products or services for a set fee
can have the following parts: introduction, description of the pr
oposed product or service, timetable,
costs, qualifications of your company, and conclusion.
Basically, the introduction should prepare the readers for everything that follows in your proposal.
The introduction itself may contain the follow
ing sections, which may be combined.
Statement of purpose and subject of proposal.
Tell readers why you are writing and identify the specific subject of your work, indicate how you
learned of the problem, and briefly define the solution you propose.
scription of the Proposed Product or Service.
This section is the heart of your proposal. Before spending their money, customers will demand
hard, factual evidence of what you claim can and should be done. Here are some points that you
should cover.
fully show your potential customers that your product or service is right for them.
Describe your work in suitable detail
what it looks like, what it does, and how consistently
and well it will perform in the reader's office, plant, hospital, or agency.
Stress any special features, maintenance advantages, warranties, or service benefits.
A carefully planned timetable shows readers that you know your job and that you can accomplish it
in the right amount of time. Provide specific dates when
the work will begin, how long it will
continue, and when you will be finished installing equipment, testing equipment, or training
employees to use equipment.
Make your budget accurate, complete and convincing. Don't underestimate costs in the hop
e that a
low bid will win you the job. You may get the job but lose money doing it, for the customer will
rightfully hold you to your unrealistic figures. On the other hand, don't inflate prices; competitors
will beat you in the bidding.
Give the customer
s more than the bottom
line cost. Show exactly what readers are getting for their
money so they can determine if everything they need is included. Itemize costs for specific services,
equipment, labor (by the hour or by the job), transportation, travel, tr
aining you propose to supply.
If something is not included or is considered optional, say so
additional hours of training,
Qualifications of Your Company.
Emphasize your company's accomplishments and expertise in using relevant services and
equipment. You might list previous work you have done that is identical or
similar to the type of
work you are proposing to do for the customer. You may even want to mention the names of a few
local firms for whom you have worked that would be pleased to recommend you.
This is the "call to action" section of your p
roposal. Encourage your reader to approve your plan.
Stress the major benefits your plan has for the customer. Offer to answer any questions the reader
may have. Some proposals end by asking the reader to sign and return a copy of the proposal thus
ing their acceptance of it.
An unsolicited proposal
470 Rodgers Rd. Camden
NJ 08104
0826 (201)568
20 September 1998
Mr Daniel Taylor
Business Manager
Madison Tool and Die Co
3400 Veterans Boulevard
Camden NJ 08104
Dear Mr Taylor
While we were servicing your Pico 2500 copier last week, it occurred to me that you might
be interested in purchasing a newer model that will give you state
art features to make
your cop
ying work more efficient and reliable. In the past three years since you purchased
your 2500, copier technology has advanced tremendously, giving users many benefits at
surprisingly low cost.
Knowing that you want the most reliable office equipment availa
ble, I am submitting for
your consideration this proposal to supply Madison Tool and Die with our latest copier, the
Pico 4000.
Advantages of the PICO 4000
With the Pico 4000, your cost per single copy will be reduced to only 1.5 cents, compared
with ap
proximately 5 cents per copy with your present machine. The following description
of the main features of the Pico 4000 will show you its other advantages over your current
Printing technology
The Pico 4000's dry toner capability and double
copying option will save you time and
money. Your copies will never again be smudged because of liquid toner problems. In
addition to the standard paper sizes
8.5 x 11, 8.5 x 14, and 11 x 17
the 4000 functions
effectively with other paper sizes and sh
apes, including heavy weight sheet stock suitable for
specifications and drawings.
Feeding/Sorting Capacity
The 4000 includes as standard equipment both an automatic feeder and an automatic sorter.
These features can reduce the time spent on large copyi
ng jobs by as much as 50%.
Printing quality
The new Pico 4000 offers top
quality, high resolution reproduction. Since seeing is
believing, I am enclosing a copy of this proposal made on the 4000 as well as a copy of a
blueprint to show you how both copi
ed documents look.
The Pico 4000 measures 4' x 3' x 4', occupying one
quarter less space than your present
copier. Once the machine is installed, you will find this extra space useful for your storage
e will deliver and install your new Pico 4000 within one week of receiving your purchase
order. The installation requires approximately forty
five minutes. Our local sales
representative, Darlene Simpson, is available to instruct your employees in the oper
ation and
routine maintenance of the 4000. A phone call will set up a mutually convenient date. If a
problem occurs, we offer customers our ‘hot
line’ service on business days from 8:00 a.m. to
5:00 p.m. We guarantee that a service representative will arri
ve at your office within three
business hours from the time of your request.
Below is the price of the Pico 4000 and appropriate initial supplies:
Pico 4000
Toner (tube)
Paper (500
sheet box of regular 8.5x11)
optional ($780 per year, parts and labor included)
The installation of your new Pico 4000 is free.
Over the past twenty
two years, National has supplied copiers to more than ninety
companies i
n the greater Camden area. In addition to providing quality products, we are
dedicated to giving our customers fast and efficient service long after a sale. We appreciate
your using National Business Equipment for your repair needs and hope that you will d
to purchase the new Pico 4000. Please call me if you have any questions about the Pico 4000
or National.
III. Reading assignments.
Ex 1.
Skim through the text and answer the questions.
What is a proposal?
Why is it necessary for a proposal to be persuasive to succeed?
How should one approach wr
iting a proposal and why?
What sort of audience should you take into consideration while writing your proposal?
What homework may arise before writing a proposal?
How can you prove that your proposal is workable and financially realistic?
Why is it imp
ortant to package a proposal attractively?
What is the purpose of a sales proposal?
What parts can a sales proposal have?
What may the introduction contain?
What points should be covered in the description of the proposed product or service?
Why is it
Description of the product or
Costs or prices and terms
ons of the company
Freight and packing cases are included in the price.
We can install the Classic Corlon during the first week of March, which fits the timetable
specified in your request.
Another important feature of Corlon is the siz
e of its rolls.
Guaranteed against defects for a full three years, Corlon is one of the finest and most durable
floor coverings manufactured by Armstrong.
All prices are ex
In response to your Request 7521 for bids for an appropriate floor coveri
ng at your new
showroom, Reynolds Interiors is pleased to submit the following proposal.
Reynolds Interiors has been in business for more than 25 years.
The following costs include the Classic Corlon tile, labor, equipment, and tax.
Our comprehensive st
ocks enable us to execute all orders promptly and to our customers'
Thank you for the opportunity to submit this proposal.
We have pleasure in offering you the following goods.
We believe you will have a great deal of success with an Arm
strong floor.
After carefully reviewing your specifications and inspecting your new facility, we believe that
Leporto 37
pro is the most suitable choice.
Installation procedure requires the services of a trained labor force.
The tile will take three and
half days to install and will be ready to walk on immediately.
Owing to the slump in commodity prices we can offer you these goods at below market price/
at less than cost / on very favorable terms.
Ex 3.
Match English phrases in column
with the
corresponding Russian ones in column
We have pleasure in offering you the
following goods.
As a result of the favorable supply situation
we are able to offer you an immediate
Our terms and conditions of sale as printed
on our invoices m
ust be strictly observed.
We are writing to propose a cost effective
solution to what we believe is a growing
problem at Midwest.
No special training or license is necessary to
operate the machine.
This cost reduces by more than half the
amount of money th
e company will have to
… thus increasing the attractiveness and
reducing the danger of …
In response to your request…
We are pleased to submit the following
After carefully reviewing your specifications
Our product is the most suitable c
I am enclosing a sample so that you can see
how it looks.
Guaranteed against defects for a full three
It offers exceptionally high resistance to
everyday wear.
Another important feature of … is …
… which fits the timetable specified in your
The following costs include labor,
equipment, and tax.
Our costs are $ 250.00 under those specified
in your request.
Our company has been in business for more
than 50 years.
Our company enjoys a first
class reputation
and our products are exported
to many
Thank you for the opportunity to submit this
If we can provide you with any further
information, please call me.
Спасибо за предоставленную возможность
сделать Вам это предложение.
При ежедневном использовании обладает
исключительной износостойкостью.
Мы имеем удовольствие предложить Вам
следующие товары.
Такая цена сокращает сумму, которую
компании необходимо затрат
ить, более чем
Мы рады сделать Вам следующее
В результате благоприятной ситуации,
сложившейся в отношении поставок, мы
имеем возможность предложить вам
немедленную поставку …
Наш продукт является для вас самым
правильным выбором.
ответ на Ваш запрос…
… с гарантией от повреждений на полных
три года.
Еще одной важной характеристикой …
является …
Сроки и условия продажи, указанные на
наших счетах, должны строго соблюдаться.
Таким образом увеличивая его
привлекательность и сокращая опа
сность …
Мы пишем с целью предложить решение
проблемы сокращения издержек
производства, которая, как мы полагаем,
приобретает в Мидвесте все большие
Прилагаю образец, чтобы Вы могли
оценить, как он выглядит.
Что соответствует срокам, указанным в
ашем запросе.
Наши цены на 250 долларов ниже тех, что
указаны в вашем запросе.
Наша фирма пользуется первоклассной
репутацией, и наша продукция
экспортируется во многие страны.
Если мы можем предоставить Вам какую
либо дополнительную информацию, прошу
связаться со мной
Следующие ниже цены включают расходы
на выполнение работ, оборудование и
Наша компания занимается этим бизнесом
более 50 лет.
После тщательного рассмотрения Ваших
технических условий…
Для работы с этим оборудованием не
требуется н
и специальной подготовки, ни
Ex 4.
Fill in the blanks using the words form the box.
have to submit, extremely detailed, the RFP, bidders for the job, the work completed, trade
publications, a set of instructions.
When a company has a particula
r problem to be solved or a job to be done, it will solicit, or invite,
proposals. The company will notify you and other competitors by preparing a Request for Proposals
(an RFP), which is _____________________________ that specify the exact type of work t
o be
done along with guidelines on how and when the company wants
_____________________________. RFPs are mailed to firms with track records in the area the
company wants the work done. RFPs are also printed in _____________________________
to attract the
highest number of qualified _____________________________.
An RFP helps you to know what the customer wants. It is often _____________________________
and even tells you how the company wants the proposal prepared, for example, what information is
to be
included, where it needs to appear, and even how many copies of the proposal you
_____________________________. Your own proposal will be judged according to how well you
fulfill the terms of the RFP. For that reason, follow the directions in
________________ exactly.
Ex 5.
Translate into English
В ответ на Ваш запрос от … фирма «Тур Групс Лимитед» рада сделать вам следующее
После внимательного изучения ваших технических условий и имеющегося нового
оборудования, мы рекоменду
ем вам остановить свой выбор на нашем станке Т216.
Прилагаем брошюру с описанием технических характеристик станка Т216.
Этот материал характеризуется исключительной износостойкостью.
Еще одна важная характеристика Т216
это …
Для установки станка необходи
мо привлечение высококвалифицированных рабочих.
Мы можем произвести установку в середине марта, что соответствует срокам,
указанным в вашем запросе.
Указанные ниже цены включают расходы на выполнение работ, оборудование и
Наши цены на данные виды р
абот на 300 долларов ниже мировых.
Наша фирма занимается этой деятельностью более 20 лет.
За последний год мы предоставили свои услуги 120 заказчикам.
Выражаем свою признательность за предоставленную возможность сделать вам это
Мы уверены, что
наше оборудование будет способствовать большому успеху вашей
Если Вам необходимо получить дополнительную информацию, прошу Вас связаться со
Возможно, Вы заинтересуетесь приобретением последней модели, которая сделает
Вашу работу более эффекти
вной и надежной.
Новая модель позволяет осуществить воспроизведение с высокой разрешающей
(high resolution)
и с максимальным качеством (
top quality).
Так как увидеть значит поверить, прилагаю образец, выполненный на станке указанной
ы готовы поставить и установить Ваш новый станок в течение одной недели после
получения Вашей заявки.
На установку потребуется приблизительно 45 минут.
Наш местный торговый представитель может встретиться с Вами для того, чтобы
ответить на Ваши вопросы.
гарантируем, что специалисты по обслуживанию прибудут в Ваше учреждение в
течение трех часов с момента запроса.
Установка новой модели производится бесплатно.
Помимо производства и распространения высококачественной продукции, наша
компания известна тем,
что мы предоставляем своим клиентам услуги по быстрому и
эффективному обслуживанию нашего оборудования в течение длительного времени
после его продажи.
Если Вы принимаете это предложение, просим Вас подписать и вернуть копию
настоящего письма.
В ответ н
а Ваше письмо относительно запроса на поставку сельскохозяйственных машин
сообщаем следующее:
Мы согласны поставить вам 40 тракторов, 30 молотилок и 27 сеялок. В приложении к
письму Вы найдете техническую документацию на эти сельскохозяйственные машины,
а также их фотоснимки.
Цены на эти машины Вы также найдете в приложении к письму.
Мы согласны осуществить перевозку морским путем за свой счет. Поставка товара
будет производиться нами в течение двух месяцев со дня подписания договора
(контракта). Если м
ы придем к заключению договора в течение этого месяца, то мы
сможем поставить все сельскохозяйственные машины до конца декабря.
Нам было бы желательно произвести платеж на следующих условиях: стоимость
каждой партии товаров оплачивается через аккредитив.
Что касается страхования товара в пути, то мы согласны осуществить его за свой счет.
Если наше предложение в целом Вас удовлетворяет, мы просим сообщить нам об этом как
можно скорее. Для ведения конкретных переговоров относительно отдельных статей
ора мы предлагаем направить к Вам нашего специального представителя.
threshing machine
sowing machine
Ex 6.
Study this proposal letter from a manufacture to a large retailer.
Why is i
t a good letter?
Discuss this question with your fellow
Manufacturers of plasticware
Melox House
12 January 1998
Messrs L Thoms & Son
50 Beachview Avenue
Bournemouth H77 60P
Dear Sirs
We are very pleased to have your inquiry, and are enclosing the price list you requested,
together with our terms of sale.
As you have evidently realized, plastic kitchenware is here to stay
it has already ousted
heavy a
nd expensive metal, glass and china from the modern kitchen. Dealers who have
displayed our brightly colored range have reported good sales even in the present season,
when hardware sales are usually at their lowest.
After studying our prices and our lib
eral terms to the trade, you will understand why we are
working to capacity to meet the demand. We would advise you, therefore, to let us have
your order by the end of the month, as this will enable you to have stocks of our attractive
lines by Easter.
look forward to the opportunity of being of service to you.
Yours faithfully
p.p. Modern Plastics Ltd
R.B. Gordon
Sales Manager
Ex 1.
Read the RFP given below and write a solicited proposal (see Ex 4 on p.10)
Mesa Community College solicits proposals to construct and to
install fifty individual study carrels
in its Holmes Memorial Library. These carrels must be highly serviceable and conform to all
specification standards of the ALA. Proposals should include the precise measurements of the
carrels to be installed, the spe
cific acoustical and lighting benefits, and the types and amount of
storage space offered. Work on constructing and installing the carrels must be completed no later
than the start of the fall semester, August 27 19xx. Proposals should include a schedule o
f when
different phases of work will be completed and an itemized budget for labor, materials, equipment,
and necessary tests to ensure high quality acoustical performance. Contractors should state their
qualifications, including a description of similar r
ecent work and a list of references.
Proposals should be submitted in triplicate no later than May 15, 19XX to:
Mrs Barbara Feldstein
Director of the Library
Mesa Community College
Mesa, NV 89203
Ex 2.
Write an unsolicited sales
proposal on one of the following services or products you intend
to sell, or on a topic your instructor approves.
supplying a hospital with rental televisions for patient rooms
providing consulting service to save a company money
selling a piece of equ
ipment to a business
making a work area safer
offering a training program for employees
Ex 3.
Fill in the missing words.
Thank you _______________ your _______________ 18 November, _______________ which you
inquire _______________ toys imported ____
___________ Hong Kong. We are
_______________ to hear that there is a _______________ for goods _______________ this type
_______________ Northern Ireland.
We are _______________ our price list and terms of _______________, and our catalogue has
been _______________ separate post.
As you will notice, our prices are extremely _______________, and since we hold large
_______________ of all models _______________ all times, we can promise delivery
_______________ a week _______________ receipt _____
__________ orders.
We hope to _______________ from you soon, and _______________ forward _______________
business _______________ you.
Ex 4.
Compose a letter for your firm, who are producers of tinned foods products, to an importer
overseas. Offer your
standard lines and one new product.
Ex 5.
Answer a foreign letter of inquiry which your firm has received following an exhibition of
your sewing machines at a trade fair in Brussels.
Ex 6.
Your company is a textile importer. Write a circular letter
offering your wholesale
customers your old season's stock at reduced prices, and explaining why you are able to do
The Economist
tudy in Florida, USA, or at one or more of our campuses in:
ENGELBERG, and LEYSIN (Switzerland)
OR divide your studies between Florida and our European campuses
programs, including the MBA,
in areas such as:
Business Administration
International Hotel / Tourism Management
International Relations / Diplomacy
Computer Systems Management
Public Administration
European Stu
Engineering Management
Commercial Art
Not all programs available at every campus
Small classes and personal attention
English as the language of instruction
English as a Foreign Language courses at all campuses
Intensive c
ourses in English, German, French and Spanish
Financial Aid Opportunities
University Preparatory Program
For Catalog, Viewbook or Informational Video, write or call
Dept E / EQ
51 Waterloo Road
London SE1 8TX
(071) 928 8484
(071) 620 1226
8812438 SCOL G
Work in three groups. Each group is described below. Study your group card and act according to
the task.
Plekhanov Economic Academy of Russia (PEAR).
Study the ad of Sch
iller International University and write a proposal to set up cooperation with the
University. In your proposal indicate that the Academy is ready to recruit students in Russia to send
them to the University as well as to provide visiting professors to lec
ture on Russian Economics,
Management, Marketing, Russian language, etc.
The Academy of National Economy of Russia (ANER).
Write a proposal to start cooperation with Schiller International University, that is to open campus
in Moscow that will
provide degree programs in the areas listed in the ad plus Russian Studies and
the Russian language.
Schiller International University (SIU).
Decide which proposal to choose. Give your reasons. Write two letters: a letter of inquiry to the
Unit 7
Sales Letters
solved, their profits increased, or their pleasures enriched. The reader's attitude will be ‘What's in
this for me?’
Avoid the opening that is flat, vague, or lengthy. T
ell them something that will appeal to their
wallets, their emotions, or their chances to look better in the eyes of others.
From a lead
ing question, the sales letter moves to a vivid description of the product, name of the
supplier, and the customer's ability to recognize how special both the product and he or she is to the
Gulf Stream Fruit Company.
Showing the Customer the Product's
The third part of your sales letter lets the readers know how and why the product is worthwhile for
them. You have to be careful, though, that you do not overwhelm readers with facts, statistics,
Ex 1.
Skim through the text
and answer the questions:
4300 South Wabash
Lincoln, Oregon 97407
27 September 19XX
Ms Katherine Eubanks
Eubanks Pest Control
18 West Cannon Drive
Lincoln OR 97411
Dear Ms Eubanks
How much business do you lose when your telephone rings and you are not there to answer it?
A prospective client or steady customer might call one of the other 22 extermi
nators listed in
the Lincoln Yellow Pages.
You will never miss a call if you use the Faithful Answering Service. Our courteous and
experienced operators are on duty twenty
four hours a day, every day of the year. They are
prompt, too. Your telephone will
be answered before the caller hears the third ring.
You tell us when we are needed by simply calling and giving us your identifying code
number. We will then be ready to take your messages or to transfer calls to any number you
give us. When you are out
of the office, a quick call to us can save you extra trips, time and
gas. Your customers will also be happier, knowing that you can be reached whenever they
need you to solve their pest problems.
All this convenience and peace of mind can be yours, Ms E
ubanks, for less than 90 cents a
day. And if you act by October 4, you can have your Faithful Service installed free of charge
and save the $ 25 installation fee. We promise to have your phone connected within three days
after we hear from you.
I urge yo
u to call us at 657
3434 by October 4. You call us at any time, day or night. Don't
What statements should be avoided?
How should
a product or service be introduced?
What is written in the third part of a sales letter?
What evidence should one use to convince the reader?
If necessary, how should you introduce costs for your product or service?
Why is the last section so vital?
Ex 2.
Dear Executive
This letter and enclosure offers you an opportunity to discover if
you have been missing a
source of invaluable information
The best way for you to judge this would be for us to place a copy of
in your hands, so that you can decide for yourself if this report is applicab
le and
beneficial to you and your business.
And that is precisely what we have done. Please read the enclosed complimentary issue of
. If you feel that it may provide you with positive solutions to your
business problems, return th
e enclosed reservation card.
Then, to further prove that this report will give you practical how
to advice, we will send you
the next current issue. At the same time, a one
year introductory trial subscription will be
entered in your name. You risk nothi
ng and there is no obligation to subscribe.
If, after reading the next issue, you agree that
is the kind of business
publication that can be of use to you, you may pay our invoice of $ ______ and receive eleven
additional monthly issues
If by chance
does not fill your needs, simply write ‘cancel’ on
our invoice, and return it. No more issues will be sent... you owe nothing... you risk nothing.
And the issues you have received are yours
to keep with our compliments
our way of saying
thank you for looking over this offer.
Fair enough? Then I urge you to mail your reservation from today. See for yourself
can make a dramatic bottom line difference in your busines
Ex 4.
Put the card in the mail to start the ball rolling.
So many of us are tired of the day
day dull routine of a salaried job. Now you can do
something about it.! GRAPHICS offers ...
Too many expenses have doubled in recent months. Why not double your income? Our
training courses has doubled the salaries of a great many men and women. It can do the same
for you.
As chairman of the Board of Trustees, I'd like to personally invite you t
o ...
It's your move. Telegraph orders are filled overnight.
If for any reason you are dissatisfied, simply return ... and owe absolutely nothing.
When General Electric call on us for information, that is something to be proud of.
Have you ever looked
in the mirror in the early morning and said, ‘There has to be a better
way’? We have said that too. And we can help you. Jones Correspondence Courses can
prepare you ...
, dashes
, dots..., short paragraphs,
phrases punctuated as sentences, indented paragraphs, exclamation points, and postscripts.
Ex 5.
Match English phrases in column
with the corresponding Russian
ones in column
Our supply is limited. Act now!
How much business do you lose when
your telephone rings and you are not
there to answer it?
Has your eye ever been caught by a
picture so beautiful you couldn’t look
I urge you to call at 200
You can call us at any time, day or
We live in an age in which there seems
to be a club for just about every purpose
you might imagine.
Here is an indispensable invention for
everyone who …
You will never miss a call if you use
our service.
Fill in the blanks using the words from the box.
easy, from different angles, to sell, attention, are essential, must develop
A direct mail sales letter attempts ____________ directly to the customer trou
gh the mail. It must
grab the reader's ____________ with its physical appearance, the use of flashy envelopes, and the
inclusion of brochures or samples often help. It ______________ the reader's interest with
appealing headlines and through physical descr
iption of the product; several pictures,
_______________, are a good idea. It must convince the reader of the product's quality and value;
such evidence as details and statistics, testimonies, and guarantees ________________ when a
customer cannot see or t
est a product for himself. It must facilitate action: clear direction for
ordering plus a reply card and postage
paid envelope
make everything __________.
the sale will take place, to act fast, commonly used, their advantage, original price, inf
Retail sales letters are ________________ by retail business to announce sales or stimulate
patronage. _________________ over other forms of advertising (such as television, radio, or
inquiries, a sales representative, questions, detailed, solicits interest, could be, for example, a
promotional letter
ales promotion letter ________________ rather than an immediate sale. It is written to
encourage _______________ rather than orders. A product that requires demonstration or elaborate
explanations, _______________, could be introduced in a promotional lett
er. Interested customers
will inquire further. Products requiring elaborate and expensive descriptive material (a large
brochure or sample) ______________ introduced in a promotional letter; uninterested names on a
mailing list would then be screened out,
leaving only serious potential customers and thereby
cutting costs. ____________________ must stimulate the reader's interest and describe the product.
But it need not be as ______________: customers desiring further information are invited to send a
card, ______________ a sales representative, or visit a local dealer. And a follow
up letter
(which could include a leaflet or sample) should provide complete information, including specific
answers to _____________ the customer may have asked.
Ex 1.
Put the paragraphs of the letter that follows in the correct order.
Ex 2.
Translate the sentences given below from Russian into English.
Что общего у Мисс Вселенная и Мистера Америка? Они оба «работают с весом», чтобы
держать свое т
ело в хорошей форме.
предлагает прекрасный набор для начинающих. Мы пришлем Вам пару 3
фунтовых гантель и иллюстрированный комплекс упражнений для бодибилдинга.
Занимаясь всего по 45 минут в день 3 раза в неделю, Вы с помощью этих простых
й укрепите Ваши мышцы.
Money back if not absolutely delighted beyond you wildest expectations.
Literally be able to look at any ad or promotion with absolute confidence and say,
‘Yes this has it’... or ‘No, this is no good because...’, and then know exactly wh
at to
do to make it a winner?
Dear Mr Elender
How would you like to make big money through the incredible power of the hard
sell approach? ... literally be able to double, triple, or quadruple the power and the
effectiveness of your ads, your sales pit
ch, or your merchandise technique?
Rush the enclosed postpaid card today!
This book is THE $ 10 BOOK THAT CAN MAKE YOU RICH, by expert Joe Bart,
and it includes a detailed, line
line analysis of seven of the top money
mail order eals of all t
ime, PLUS seven rules for writing impelling Sales Letters, and
much more
all for only $ 10!
An acknowledged expert puts that information right at your finger tips in lucid,
specific, how
to plain language in a brand new 312
page book that
tells you
precisely what to do and how to do it, to produce dynamite advertising, and
powerhouse sales pitches, and super
effective hard
sell merchandise approaches.
You can quickly learn more about what advertising
and selling
is all about than
of the so
called experts! You can quickly, easily acquire a brilliant insight into
the ABCs of the persuasive, hard
sell approach it takes to sell goods and services
these days. You can write powerful, super
selling advertising and promotions, and
you can
put this new knowledge to work immediately
to give you a tremendous
advantage over your competitors.
Что бы ни говорили о бодибилдинге, силовые упражнения не сделают женщину
мужеподобной. Разве Шер похожа на А. Шварценеггера?
Силовые упражнения дают результат быстрее, чем какие
либо другие.
Начните сейчас и уже к лету Вы будете гото
вы к тому, чтобы надеть на пляж Ваш
любимый купальник.
Наш набор, включающий в себя две гантели и полный комплекс упражнений, по
низкой цене в
Вы можете заказать только по почте. Он не продается в
Если Вы закажете набор сейчас, мы также в
ышлем Вам мат для упражнений. Этот мат
по цене
, из 100% хлопка, который можно стирать в стиральной машине, Вы
получите совершенно бесплатно.
Чтобы заказать набор
и бесплатный мат для упражнений Вам не
нужно высылать деньги сейчас. Про
сто заполните и отошлите по почте приложенную
Теперь, когда леса убраны и строительство закончено, новый магазин
для Вас свои двери в
Ex 4.
te the following sales letter to make it more effective. Add any details you think are
Ex 5.
Translate into English.
Dear Pizza Lovers
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Rudy Moore and I am the new manager of
Tasty Pizza Parlor in town. The parlor is locate
d at the intersection of North Miller
Parkway and 95th Street. We are open from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m., except on the
weekends, when we are open later.
I think you will be as happy as I am to learn that Tasty's will now offer free delivery. As
a result, you
can get your Tasty Pizza hot when you want it.
Please see your weekly newspaper for our ad. We are also offering customers a coupon.
It is a real deal for you.
I know you will enjoy Tasty's and I hope to see you. I am always interested in hearing
you about our service and our fine product. We want to take your order soon.
Please come in.
Во времена экономической нестабильности индивидуальное финансовое
планирование может быть даже более сложным, чем ведение собственного
дела. Определение инвестиционных инструментов, которые защитят Ваше
будущее и будущее Вашей семьи, требует фин
ансовой проницательности и
Поэтому многие удачные бизнесмены, подобно Вам, пользуются услугами
консультантов по финансовым вопросам в фирме Смит и Маркус. У нас
достаточно специальных знаний и объективности, чтобы провести оценку
Ваших кратко
и долгосрочных финансовых целей и выбрать инвестиционную
политику для наиболее успешного осуществления этих целей. Не важно, какие
проблемы Вас волнуют в данный момент
уплата налогов или инвестиции в
мы уверены, что сможем помочь Вам в ре
шении этих
Чтобы познакомить Вас с услугами, которые мы предоставляем, мы
приглашаем Вас на семинар «Что может индивидуальное финансовое
планирование сделать для Вас». Семинар состоится в среду 1 марта 19ХХ в
. Поскольку количество мест
ограничено, мы просим Вас сообщить нам, планируете ли Вы посетить наш
семинар, позвонив Дороти Филипс по тел. 771
3102 добавочный 222.
Искренне Ваш
Ex 6.
Choose one of the following and write a sales letter addressed to an appropriate audience on
why they should:
be h
appy taking a vacation where you did last year
major in the same subject you did
dine at a particular restaurant
have their cars repaired at a specific garage
live in your neighborhood
Ex 7.
Unit 8
Public Relation Letters
Have you ever heard about public relations companies? If yes, try to formulate what their
main objectives are. Make up a check list. Compare your check list with those of your gro
What, in your opinion, is it important for public relations writers to know? (An access to what
information must he/she obtain?)
Public relations concerns the efforts a company makes to influence public opinion, to create a
able company image. Its purpose is NOT to make a sale or stimulate immediate business, but
rather to convey to the public such positive qualities as the company's reliability, efficiency, or far
Public relations is big business, and large cor
porations spend millions of dollars a year on their
public relations campaigns. When a major oil company sponsors a program on public television,
that is public relations; when a large chemical company establishes a college scholarship fund, that
is public
relations, too.
The public relations specialist knows how to use all the mass media (television, radio, magazines,
newspapers, and firms); she knows how to compose press releases and set up press conferences,
prepare broadcast announcements, and arrange
public receptions.
But public relations exists on a smaller scale as well. It is the local butcher's remembering a
shopper's name, and it is the local hardware store buying T
shirts for the Little League. For
basically, public relations is the attempt t
o establish and maintain GOODWILL.
Public relations letters, therefore, are those letters written for the purpose of strengthening
goodwill. Some of these can be considered social business letters such as invitations, thank
notes, and letters of
congratulations. Others are acin to advertising, such as announcements of
openings or changes in store facilities or policies. Still others are simply friendly gestures, such as a
note welcoming a new charge customer or thanking a new customer for her fir
st purchase.
A specific kind of public relations letters is designed to demonstrate a company's interest to its
customers. The following letter is written inviting complaints; its purpose is to discover causes of
customer dissatisfaction before th
ey get out of hand. (Responses to such letters must always get a
prompt follow
up assuring the customer that the reported problem will be looked into.)
Similarly, to forestall complaints (and of course encourage business), large companies frequently
nd informative letters that educate the public. A supplier of gas and electricity, for example,
may include with the monthly bill an explanation of new higher rates. Or a telephone company will
enclose a fact sheet on ways to save money on long dista
nce calls.
Whatever the ostensible reason for a public relations letter
to establish, maintain, or even revive
remember that all public relations letters must be friendly , for their overriding purpose
is to create a friend for the company
Ex 1.
Skim through the text and answer the following questions.
What does public relations concern?
What is the purpose of public relations?
What forms of public relations campaigns do you know?
What means a public re
lations specialist may employ?
Name basic categories of letters relating to public relations.
What is the main objective of public relations letters?
Why all public relations letters must be friendly?
Montgomery, Alabama 36044
19 October 19XX
Dear Wine Lover
Did you know that, in blind testings among dist
inguished wine connoisseurs, California
wines have been reaping the highest awards for more than the past decade? In fact,
California is now recognized internationally as a producer of premium as well as jug wines.
California wines come in three basic ty
pes: Variety wines are named for the grape from
which they are made, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay. Generic
wines are made in the style of a region elsewhere in the world, such as Burgundy, Port, or
Champagne. And Proprietary wine
s are trademarked according to the name of a wine blend
produced by a particular vineyard, such as Wild Irish Rose. In addition to the better
vintners, such as Gall, Almaden, and Paul Masson, California is the home of many small
wineries that prod
uce outstanding wine in small quantities. To discover these lesser
(and often surprisingly affordable) wines is a delight for any wine enthusiast. The perfect
place to begin your search is your local Liquor Land, where our friendly wine merchants are
eager to recommend their latest finds. Let us please your palate soon.
Sincerely yours
Ex 2.
Consider the following phrases taken from
different public relations letters and complete the
table listing the numbers of each phrase in a corresponding column. Each column signals
particular reason for writing a public relations letter.
Thank you and appreciation
Advertising and informative letters
Welcoming a new customer
Inviting requests and complaints
Sympathy and condolence
It's been a pleasure to have you as a tenant and we look forward to serving you in the future.
Thank you very much for writi
ng a letter of recommendation to be included in my dossier at
Moraine Valley Community College.
Congratulations on being promoted to branch manager of the company. Your work in the
field for the company will profit you and us in your new position.
I am g
rateful to the Dole Glass Company for giving me outstanding service last Sunday night.
A Dynamic Maintenance Agreement provides saving benefits many cost conscious customers
want and look for today.
We'd simply like to take this time to thank you for mak
ing your first charge purchase and
assure you that everyone at Pine & White is always ready to serve you. We are looking
forward to a long and mutually rewarding association. Welcome to the 'family'.
Please, fill out the enclosed reply card if something h
as been troubling you.
Do you know that, in blind testings among distinguished wine connoisseurs, California wines
has been reaping the highest awards for more than the past decade?
We hope our caring will make your sorrow easier to bear.
If you have en
countered a problem with our service or merchandise, we want to know.
Congratulations on your new title of Certified Insurance Counselor just announced in the
Midtown Financial Record.
The Economic Academy cordially invites you to attend its traditional
annual meeting on ...
Now that you've used your EcAc credit card for the first time, we are sure you have seen for
yourself the convenience and ease a charge account provides.
We appreciate your thoughts of us and your sympathetic note.
Word of your ill
ness just reached me, and I want to wish you a quick return to good health.
I would like to c
ongratulate you and your people for the fine job that has been done in
reducing our raw materials inventory in the recent months.
Should you have any questions, or require additional information, please do not hesitate to
contact us.
We are grateful to a
ll the students who are studying this textbook for their exceptional
dedication to the English language. Again let us say, 'a job well done'.
Ex 3.
Match the English words and phrases in column
with the corresponding equivalents in
It i
s our sincere desire to give you the
personal attention.
Ex 4.
Fill in the blanks using the words in the box.
are writin
g, main point, is determined, another, essential, to get across
Your message, tone and knowledge of your reader are _______________ ingredients in a
successful customer relations letters. But success involves something more than knowing how to
use the rig
ht words _______________ your main ideas. It is also critical to know where and how to
start, and especially, where to present your _______________. Not every customer relations letter
starts by giving the reader the writer's main point, judgement, conclus
ion, or reaction. Where you
place your main idea _______________ by the type of the letter you _______________. Good
news messages require one tactic, bad news _______________.
postpone, or commentary, offended, to a letter, run a risk, approach, is
not likely, indirect
If you are writing a good news letter, use the direct _______________. Start your letter with the
welcome, pleasant news that the reader wants to hear. Don't _______________ this opportunity to
put your reader in the right frame of mi
nd. Then provide any relevant supporting details,
explanations, _______________. Being direct is advantageous when you have good news to
But if you have bad news to report do not open your letter with it. Be _______________. Prepare
your reader f
or the bad news. Do everything you can to keep the tension level down. If you throw
the bad news at your reader right away, you _______________ of jeopardizing the goodwill you
want to create and sustain. Again, put yourself in the reader's place. Consider
how you would react
_______________ that began 'we regret to inform you that ...', 'your order cannot be filled', or 'your
application for a loan has been denied'. Having been denied, disappointed or even
_______________ in a first sentence or paragraph,
the reader _______________ to give you his or
her attentive cooperation thereafter.
Ex 1.
Translate into English.
Теперь, когда вы впервые воспользовались кредитной карточкой нашего магазина, мы уверены,
что вы смогли сами убедиться в удобстве и простоте, которые предоставляет открытый счет.
Мы просто хотели бы воспользоваться этим случаем и поблагодарить вас за то
, что вы
приобрели кредитную карту нашего магазина, а также напомнить, что весь персонал нашего
магазина всегда в вашем распоряжении.
Мы надеемся на длительное и взаимовыгодное сотрудничество.
Мы не перестаем беспокоиться, что мы совершили что
то, что мог
ло бы вас обидеть.
Если вы столкнулись с проблемой, связанной с нашим обслуживанием или товаром, мы хотели
бы знать об этом незамедлительно.
Мы искренне хотели бы оказать вам личное внимание и удовлетворить все ожидания, которые
вы связываете с нашей компа
Просим вас заполнить прилагаемую карточку, если что
то в нашем обслуживании вас не
Мы немедленно рассмотрим все ваши претензии, так как мы надеемся всегда видеть вас в
нашем магазине и его филиалах.
Помимо широко известных виноторговых
компаний Калифорния
это родина множества
небольших виноделен, которые производят великолепное вино в небольших количествах.
Для любого человека, неравнодушного к вину, открытие этих менее известных и часто
удивительно доступных по цене вин
ни с чем не
сравнимое удовольствие.
Выражаем нашу благодарность в связи с приглашением на ваш стенд на выставке
туристических услуг.
Мы рассчитываем, что наша рекламная деятельность позволит вашей компании установить и
значительно расширить экономические связи с поте
нциальными партнерами.
Позвольте пригласить вас на торжественный прием в связи с открытием Московского
Корпорация ЭСКО с удовольствием сообщает о назначении господина Роберта Дженкинса на
должность исполнительного директора компании и пригла
шает вас на прием в его честь,
который состоится 15 марта в пятницу в конференц
зале компании.
Мало кто будет сегодня отрицать, что электронная почта стала неотъемлемой частью бизнеса.
Наши эксперты помогут вам определить, какие характеристики наилучшим об
удовлетворят потребности вашего бизнеса.
Именно поэтому многие владельцы процветающих компаний подобно вашей пользуются
услугами финансовых советников Смит и Бразерз.
Чтобы предоставить вам возможность познакомиться с нашей деятельностью более подро
мы имеем честь пригласить вас на семинар 'Персональное и корпоративное финансовое
планирование', который будет проводиться в среду, 1 марта в нашем центральном офисе.
Поздравляем Вас с назначением на должность ведущего советника по вопросам страховани
) и надеемся на дальнейшее плодотворное сотрудничество с вашей
Договор об обслуживании, который мы предлагаем, предусматривает резервы экономии
средств, на которые ориентируются все потребители в период экономической
Просим принять наши соболезнования в связи с тяжелой утратой.
Мы признательны всем студентам, пользующимся этим учебным пособием за их настойчивость
и упорство в изучении английского языка.
Выражаем нашу искреннюю благодарность за публикаци
ю информации о деятельности нашей
компании в вашей газете.
Большое спасибо за положительную оценку работы нашего отдела, которую вы выразили в
книге отзывов нашей компании. Наряду с другими ваш отзыв способствовал расширению
нашего отдела и получению допо
лнительных средств.
Ваше решение уволиться с поста директора ХУZ корпорации было встречено с глубоким
сожалением как со стороны Совета директоров так и всех сотрудников корпорации.
A follow
Уважаемый г
н Гонсалес
Благодарим Вас за то, что Вы воспользовались нашими услугами в феврале этого года.
Мы всегда готовы помочь вам в подготовке годового финансов
ого отчета. Наша цель
уберечь каждый налогооблагаемый доллар, ради которого вы весь год напряженно
трудились. Если у вас возникнут вопросы по налогообложенияю, мы всегда к Вашим
С уважением
Delayed Than
k You.
Уважаемый г
н Карсуэлл
Примите наши извинения, что
с опозданием выражаем благодарность за
предоставленную возможность встретиться с Вами и Вашими сотрудниками 16 и 17
Мы считаем, что наша встреча была чрезвычайно интересной и полезной, так как
теперь у нас есть гораздо лучшее представление о потреб
ностях Вашей компании. Я
знаю, что мы немного отстаем от графика, но в настоящий момент мы работаем над
своими предложениями по нашему контракту, который мы предполагаем подготовить
к концу следующей недели и представить для вашего одобрения.
Еще раз благ
одарим вас за очень интересную и полезную встречу.
Уважаемый г
н Муллин,
Позвольте мне поздравить Вас и Вашу группу за прекрасную работу по сокращению
складируемых запасов сырья (
), которую Вы проделали в
течение последних месяцев.
Полученный результат, чрезвычайно эффектно представленный в подготовленных
Вами графиках, стал ключевым моментом обсуждения на последнем собрании
Я был бы очень признателен, если бы Вы пре
доставляли мне такие графики
С уважением
Уважаемые господа
Через несколько недель третье творческое объединение собирается выпустить в
прокат новый художественный фильм 'Соседка' с Гертрудой Стайн в главной роли
(starring smb).
предварительный просмотр для всех, кто способствовал выходу фильма,
будет организован 19 января в 20.00 в кинотеатре Кодак.
Мы имеем честь пригласить вас на этот просмотр. Прилагаем специальные
пригласительные билеты. После просмотра приглашаем вас на то
ржественный прием
по случаю выхода фильма.
С уважением
Ex 2.
In this letter Silver Office Supplies places an order with Shonan Computers. Read the letter
and answer the questions that follow.
14 North Street
Mr A Suzuki
Sales Manager
Shonan Computers
33 Kitasinjuku 7
chome Shinjuku
Tokyo 160 Japan
Dear Mr Suzuki
Order for the SCROLL 2000
word processor
We thank you for your letter of 17 January, in which you enclosed your catalogue
and price list, together with the booklet on the SCROLL 2000 word processor.
We have contacted Mr Nixon, as you suggested, and his demonstration of the
2000 convinced us that this model will meet our requirements. Your offer
of a 20% trade discount, with a further discount for bulk orders, is also quite
We are therefore placing an order for 600 SCROLL 2000 word processors. We
enclose our o
fficial order form No. YT 945.
We discussed terms of payment with Mr Nixon and would like to confirm that
payment is to be made by Documentary Credit in your favor SIF Southampton. You
will be informed, through your own bank, of the type and number of doc
uments that
you must prepare.
Delivery by 30 April is essential, and we reserve the right to cancel the order and/or
How has Mr Jackson drawn attention to the subject of the letter?
do you think have Shonan Computers offered a discount? A contact with Mr Nixon?
If the goods arrive in Southampton on 30 April, does Silver Office Supplies have the right to
return them?
Why didn’t Mr Jackson just send the order form without an accompanyin
g letter?
Write a PR letter from Shonon Computers to Silver Office Supplies preceding the one you’ve just
read that would encourage Silver Office Supplies to place an order with Shonon Computers.
Ex 3.
Read an invitation letter that follows
respondez s’il vouz plais
please, respond
Write an invitation letter to someone for one of the following:
Open house at a new University department
A reception at an exhibition
Social gathering of IBS alumni
Opening of a new company branch
The Brookdale Chamber of Commerce
Requests the pleasure of your company
At a dinner honoring
The Honorable Stacy Coughey
Wednesday, the third of June
At seven o’clock
e Stardust Room of the Excelsior Hotel
Dear Ms Space
Congratulations on your promotion to senior accounts executive. You have worked
hard for Rembow Consultants, and I am delighted that your efforts have been
As you move into your
new office and assume the weight of responsibilities that go
along with your new position, please let me know if I can be of any assistance.
Write a congratulation letter to someone for one of the following:
Being promoted
Winning an award at school
ФИЛИППОВА Людмила Борисовна
ТИМОШЕНКО Людмила Петровна
Редактор Н.И. Золотина
Подписано в печать
Формат 60х84,1/16.бумага офсетная. Печать офсетная.
Усл. печ. л. Уч.
2,25. Тираж 500 экз.
Заказ . Бесплатно.
Издательство Российской экономической академии имени Г.В. Плеханова.
113054 Москва, Стремянный пер., 36.
Отпечатано в типографии РЭА имени Г.В.
113054 Москва, ул.Зацепа, 41/4.

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